Hair Restoration Program

Alexander Hair One is part of a network of hair growth professionals that are giving many people a new sense of hope, new perspectives with a proven holistic, multiple-level hair restoration program. Alexander Hair One also offers full trichology services to deliver hair growth. The Trichologists at the Alexander Hair One in Miami are certified and accredited by the American Medical Certification Association to help men and women alike who are struggling with thinning hair and even extreme cases of hair loss in Miami. With over 30 years of experience in the hair industry, they can help you stop hair loss and restore your hair.
Alexander Hair One is committed to providing a complete approach to holistic healing techniques to help heal from the inside out. The partner company developed a top-of-the-line hair growth program that has proven hair growth results for over 30 years. This hair growth treatment plan can stop, slow down, and treat hair loss caused by the many types of Alopecia, balding due to DHT blocking follicle circulation and diseases. Check with your carrier for medical insurance benefits for hair loss therapies.

Non-damaging, non-invasive, no chemicals, no adhesives or glues, no heat required, and does not damage existing hair.

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